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Skip The Queue! (STQ)

Kumon Warriewood adopts the Just Right Level (JRL) study approach for all our students at our centre.  


What is Just Right Level (JRL)?

JRL is the level of study that your child is able to comfortably work with strong mastery, accuracy and completion time. This is a level that your child will feel motivated to work their best.

When your child comes back to the centre, we check their homework for 3 key pieces of information:

1) Accuracy

2) Completion time (both start and end time)

3) If work has been marked and corrected to ensure students know where they have gone wrong.

When they arrive at the centre, they need to present their homework to us in order for us to assign any piece of work.

We are now pleased to introduce Skip The Queue (STQ), our tool to enable a quicker and seamless check-in at our centre so your child can start and finish quickly on time for their next activity/commitment.

Please complete the following information and send this back to us before 2.30pm class day.

If you have more than 6 books, please provide us details for the last 6, most recent books completed.


example : 2A11 - 10 minutes 100% or 3 mistakes


Thanks for submitting your worksheet action! We will action this for you shortly. Please still bring in all your child's worksheets (both completed and incompleted ones).

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